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Starting Equipment and Gear

Created by Leader Sarah Marshall on Tue Apr 18th, 2023 @ 12:59am

All survivors begin with the following:

1 flashlight

1 set of clothes (appropriate for weather at time of joining)

1 backpack

1 melee weapon of player’s choice

3 pieces of miscellaneous gear selected from the miscellaneous gear list

Drivers Start with a 5 gallon can of diesel or gas (player’s choice), a random assortment of tools (listed as “scavenged toolkit”) and a hands-free light (form this takes is up to the player)

Scavengers Start with a set of protective pads from a sport of their choice, an additional smaller bag/pack (i.e. a string backpack or fanny pack), and either a protective face shield or reusable face mask

Soldiers Start with a second melee weapon of their choice, and either a handgun or other ranged weapon from the list*.

*Only weapons chambered for rounds up to .223/5.56x45mm may be selected.

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