State of Division

The Sim

In 2010, a biological supervirus in development in Wyoming broke free of containment and began to sweep across the country. The military reacted in panic and disarray, instead of helping most of the victims of the virus, dubbed the Omega Virus by the news, set up safe zones for those who were not infected. But empty promises of a vaccine or a cure kept coming and never appearing. This went on for only a few years before the people, fed up with the empty promises, left the safe zones. Some resorted to looting, others to attacking people, and others still to trading to survive.

The already fragile economy collapsed, stores were soon deserted as companies couldn’t pay their employees. Homes were torn apart looking for anything valuable that could be used. Everywhere was ransacked and destroyed.

Within a decade, the virus had broken the borders of the United States and spread worldwide, throwing everyone into a bunch of different wastelands. But life goes on. Though the government and military has long since abandoned us, we choose to keep living. Scavenging, driving, and trying to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland isn’t easy, but together, we can do it.

If you think you have what it takes to join our ragtag band of misfits, please put in an application.

The initial bus of the survivors is a neon-green former school bus with various letter stickers from other buses spelling out “TOGETHER WE STAND” on one side and “DIVIDED WE FALL” on the other.

Inside, a majority of the seats have been removed, except for the first 3 rows on either side. They have been replaced with two-layer bunk-style beds replacing most of the rest of the rows. The beds are shorter than normal, being the length of a normal bus seat, but they’re still functional as beds. The rows in-line with the middle of the bus do not have beds, instead having platforms for soldiers to stand on in case they have to defend the bus.

Storage crates take up the back most row of the bus, enabling storage for various supplies.