State of Division

Soldier Allen Shelton

Name Allen Ignatius Shelton

Position Soldier

Second Position Liaison

Rank Soldier

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though generally malnourished, Shelton is well built with multiple scars across his body from fights and torture.


Spouse Kelly Shelton (Deceased 2013)
Children Allison (Deceased 2010)
Katelyn (Deceased 2010)
Brianna (Stillborn 2013)
Father Arthur Shelton (Deceased 2011)
Mother Diana Shelton (Deceased 2010)
Brother(s) Adam Shelton (Status unknown, Last seen in 2020)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note

Personality & Traits

General Overview As with many still surviving in the world, Allen has experienced a tremendous amount of loss. Losing his two daughters to Omega and later his wife and third daughter during childbirth, life has truly not become worth living for Allen. All that has kept him going forward was protecting his brother's family until his capture by a gang. The family was killed and Allen was left for dead. He has since vowed revenge.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Sharpshooter
+ proficient with sword play using Machete

- Trying to find the will to really live, rather than survive.
- Trust is hard to come by
Ambitions What's ambition? Everyone he's ever cared for is dead.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Prior to Omega, Shelton served as a Swat officer for the LAPD Metro division. He was twice decorated and reached the ranked of Sergeant. When Omega began to spread, his daughters were killed in front of him when a car exploded on the bridge out of town and the storming stampede trampled them. Three years later, he and his wife conceived another daughter, but she was stillborn and due there being no medical facilities to speak of, his wife did not survive the birth. His family was gone, or rather his immediate family.

Sometime in 2015, he came across his brother and his family. Shelton lived with them for many years, serving as protector until a gang over powered them. They killed his brother's family, after having their fill with the women, and left Shelton for dead. From then on he vowed to find them and exact what he called justice. Six months later, he caught up with them and under cover of night, killed them. It didn't make him feel better.

Since then, Shelton has been wandering aimlessly across the countryside, searching for a purpose.
Gear and Equipment 1 Flashlight
1 Outfit: Long brown Trench coat, Form fitting black T shirt, Black Jeans, police issues Swat Boots
1 Backpack
2 Machetes
1 9mm Hand gun (Smith and Wesson M&P Full size)